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Structured Finance is
Disrupting the Alternative Assets Industry, Redefining how Institutions Seek Alpha, and Opening Access to a Broader Spectrum of Investment Opportunities 

Recent breakthroughs in computation and software are transforming how we process information and make decisions.

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Accurately modeling complex systems requires TALPs.

TALPs are transformational, enabling superior structures for alternative asset investing.

The Transformation is only in its Infancy

The below slides illustrate the immense potential for the advanced structures that TALPs enable.

Figure 1A.png

Complex systems are challenging to model because small errors compound, distorting the accuracy of projections.


We see this challenge in predicting hurricanes.

Minor discrepancies lead to significant deviations in a storm’s projected path and strength.

The same challenge applies to projecting the performance of alternative assets, especially when grouped or leveraged.


While TALPs are necessary for CFOs, NAV financings, and subscription lines, they can also be used to develop even more powerful structures.

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